Monday, 26 August 2013

Why You Shouldn't Trust Big Wind Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

After we started the petition, Vattenfall quickly submitted its EIA report. Perhaps we are making them nervous. What do you think?

Influential groups, journalists, activists, campaigners, and online friends joined together to push the Protect Blackdog movement forward.

Here's a link to our petition: 

Some may wonder why we are so scared by Vattenfall unearthing the Strabathie landfill. The Government seems to believe -- with Vattenfall reassuring, of course -- that it can address any potential contamination issue posed by the landfill.

Not long ago, a travellers site was proposed to be built in Blackdog, but our small village was quickly removed from the list of proposed locations.


For "environmental reasons."

But Vattenfall doesn't seem to mind. It's workers were digging boreholes for the EIA without protection. When asked about their work, they didn't even know that they were digging over a possibly contaminated landfill.

See the picture sent to us by a resident below:

If other plans have been terminated because of the status of Blackdog's land, then why is Vattenfall's project any different? Why must we continues to live our lives as if we are not concerned? Why must we live 400 feet from a loud substation of a behemoth that blots yet another plot of land.

Blackdog has had its fair share of difficulties. Today we need democracy on our side. We need your signature because it seems that the over 70% objection by the village members was not enough.

Below is the article concerning the travellers site:

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