Friday, 30 August 2013

Vattenfall: Do They Really Care?

Over this entire proposal process, Vattenfall has continuously promised to keep Blackdog informed, but being informed, although very nice, is not always as promising -- or as helpful -- as it sounds.

Despite their promise, we thought it would be important for the world to know that Vattenfall is not as open as they appear to be.


According to the EOWDC Spokesman, "Should the development proceed, we will of course implement all proper control measures in terms of health and safety, environmental protection and waste disposal.

The Spokesman also noted that "It is not unusual to find traces of asbestos in brownfield cites such as this...."

In other words, Vattenfall knew that there would likely be asbestos on the landfill site (we have been saying this for months!), and they have repeatedly stated that they will be taking the proper precautions.

Apparently, implementing "all proper" precautions did not include protecting the workers conducting the EIA with asbestos equipment -- like masks. 

The following photos were sent to us from local residents during the time the EIA was being conducted. Do the workers look like they are ready for asbestos exposure to you?

The recent Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Vattenfall completed revealed that, indeed, the Strabathie landfill site is contaminated with asbestos.

What does all of this mean?

Vattenfall does not care. They do not care about their workers (if they did, the above people would be wearing protective equipment!) They do not care about Blackdog. In fact, they do not even care about the environment!

Just a few days ago, Vattenfall proposed building 50 turbines in a woodland. Somehow, replacing trees with turbines is counter-intuitive 

In 2009, Vattenfall won the Climate Greenwash Award:

"Swedish energy company Vattenfall is a master of spin when it comes to climate change, portraying itself as a climate champion while lobbying to continue business as usual, using coal, nuclear power, and pseudo-solutions such as agrofuels and carbon capture and storage (CCS)."

Help us keep Vattenfall out of the North Sea and our vilage by signing our petition: 

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