Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Vattenfall Submitting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Yesterday, Vattenfall informed Blackdog village that it will be submitting its EIA, and soon it will be up to the Formartine Area Committee to decide what happens in Blackdog. 

The document the residents received is below.

In these times, it is simple to pass over something, but imagine this:

Imagine buying a home in a beach town that was formerly used as a dumping ground. You think that the dumping is all in the past.

Imagine you have a path to walk on the beach -- on the side that is not contaminated by oil.

Imagine tracks of green and still being able to see the shore, walk to the shore.

Now imagine a big wind company came into YOUR town, decided to tell YOU and YOUR neighbours that it was going to take that away. 

Want to walk to the beach?  Enjoy the view of the substation or take the path covered with woods, which is much less pleasant. 

Want to see the sea? Gaze in a different direction because a substation is ruining the view.

Want to let the children play as before? Keep them inside so that the lorries don't endanger them.

Without your signature, this is the future of Blackdog. We don't know about you, but we will not stand for it.

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