Friday, 16 August 2013

 200 Signatures, Press, and a Heartfelt Message

Just recently, the Ellon Times featured the Blackdog petition on the front page, and we received our 200th signature!

This is a big milestone. Over 60 residencies, nestled among 19 landfills, objected to having a substation built 400 feet away from their homes, but Vattenfall is continuing with their plan.

As more people find out about the petition, the signatures are slowly flowing in. 

Some of you reading this may agree about the cause and still refrain from signing.

Maybe signing petitions is not for you, or maybe you don't like placing your name next to controversial issues, but before you leave this page, we here at Protect Blackdog would like to tell you something.

We are not asking for money.

We are not asking for long term commitments.

We are not asking for you to find and contact local officials (but that would be greatly appreciated!).


We will take care of all those details.

All we are asking is for you to place your name next to ours, next to the names of the more than 60 residencies that are fighting to protect their small town.

In short, we need your help.

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